ESCAPED – Bassoon Brothers

ESCAPED/The Bassoon Brothers
The Bassoon Brothers
(Mark Eubanks, Robert Naglee, Bonnie Fillmore Cox, Leon Chodos, Juan de Gomar)

2007, Arundo Recordings ARCD101
Twenties and Forties Set

Glenn Miller/Bill Finegan

Song of the Volga Boatman

B.G. DeSylva/Lew Brown/Ray Henderson

You’re the Cream in My Coffee
Gilbert & Sullivan Set – Meet the ‘oon Family

The Town of Titipu – bassoons (Mikado Theme/A More Hulmane Mikado)

I’m Called Little Buttercup – sopranoon

When a Felon’s Not Engaged in His Employment – tenoroon

I An the Model of a Modern Major General – contrabassoon

PDQ Bach Set

Peter Schickele

Lip My Reeds ( Prelude and Fugue for Four Bassoons )
Dance Set

Tielman Susato form the Danserye

La Mourisque (‘oon consort’ possibly an early dulcian band)

Boccherini, Ponchielli

Minuet and Dance – from String Quartet in E op.11, no.5(Boccherini), Dance of the Hours(Ponchielli)

Ray Pizzi

Ode to a Toad ( 4 bsn and contra )
Northern Europe Set
  Anitra’s Dance
  Solvejg’s Song

Arr. Peggy Swafford

Finnish Folk Song (7 bsn and contra)

Sergei Prokofiev

Humorous Scherzo for Four Bassoons
Country and Bluegrass Set
Johnny Cash Tribute

June Carter and Merie Kilgore

Ring of Fire

Johnny Cash

I Walk the Line

Johnny Cash

Folsom Prison Blues

Ervin.T Rouse and Chubby Wise

Orange Blossom Special
J.S.Bach Set

Air on the Bassoon Reed – from Orchestral Suite No.3 BWV 1068

The Italian Job – from Italian Concerto BWV 971 mvt.3

Surfer Set

Brian Wilson

Surfer Girl

Nicholas Roubanis

In Memorium

Antonio Vivaldi

Larghetto e spiritoso – from Concerto in A minor for Two Violins (L’estro Armonica no.8 RV522)

Bassoon Brothers待望の3枚目のCD。意外にクラシックがいつもより多いのですが、これが一筋縄ではいかなくて相当凝ってます。ポピュラーものも楽しい!!これはお勧めです。CDのラベル面の絵はなんだろうと思ったら、サークル状に並べたリードでした。’oon FamilyはGuntram Wolf製とのこと。