NOW AND THEN – New York Bassoon Quartet

NOW AND THEN – Recorded Works from 1999 and 1979
The New York Bassoon Quartet
(Bernadette Zirkuli, Julie Feves, Lauren Goldstein, Jane Taylor)

2002, Leonarda LE 248


Christopher Weait (arr)

Suite of Early American Tunes for Bassoon Quartet (arr.1965)


1. General Wayne’s March
2. Hymm Tune “Work for Night is Coming
3. Waltz and Dexter’s Air
4. Lady Bruce’s Reel, Minor Hornpipe, Durang’s Hornpipe
5. Cobbs’s Superior
6. Capt. Mulligan

John Corigliano

How Like Pellucid Statues, Daddy ( Or like a… an engine.)

Serge Prokofiev

Humorous Scherzo, Op.12 No.9

William Schuman



1. Ostinato
2. Nocturne
3. Valse
4. Fughetta

John Harbison



Petet Schickele

Last Tango in Bayreuth

Katherine Hoover



1. Introduction and Funeral March
2. Allegro Vivace

Alvin Brehm

Colloquy and Chorale

Vaclav Nelhybel

Concert Etudes for Four Bassoons


1. Allegro vivo
2. Allegretto
3. Canon: Andante Moderato
4. Allegro

Rudolph Palmer

Contrasts for Four Bassoons

オリジナルメンバーは1960~70のジュリアードの卒業生で、Bernadette Zirkuli, Julie Feves, Lauren Goldstein, Alice Blackの4人。同時期の男性4人のBubonicの華々しい活躍に触発されて結成されました。現在は、Alice Blackに代わり、Dorian W.W QuintetのJane Taylorが参加。演奏は奇をてらったりしてないナチュラルな感じです。